Hong Kong Red Cross John F. Kennedy Centre is a special school under The Hong Kong Red Cross and is subsidized by Hong Kong Government. It offers education with full stream curriculum and provides therapeutic, nursing and boarding services for those disabled children aged from six to twenty. Our Centre was founded in 1967, with the initial donation for the construction and infrastructure by The American World Rehabilitation Fund. In 1982, with the aid from the Government and the generous donation by Mr. Seaward Woo, the Catherine Woo Wing was built for extending the Secondary Education. In 1995, a donation was received from ˇ§Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trustˇ¨ for the extension work and renovation of the old blocks. In addition, our School received a sum from the ˇ§School Improvement Project, EMB ˇ¨ to further extend our School

At present, there are 7 classes in the Primary Section and 11 classes in the Secondary Section. For boarding, there are 77 five-day places and 27 seven-day places. Thus, JFKC becomes officially a holistic special school ranging from primary to secondary classes, providing mainstream curricula from Primary 1 to Matriculation as well as Foundation Curricula for the Mentally Retarded. Since founded in 1967, the School keeps improving. The next milestone will be the connection to the NSS-334, adopting more appropriate curricula and creating the learning environment for pupils with different learning capabilities.