Therapy and Boarding Services

The Speech Therapy Department provides speech and language assessment and training. Students are assessed through standardized tests, daily contacts and observations. Speech therapists provide a variety of services to address each studentˇ¦s specific needs in the area of language comprehension and expression, social interaction, oro-motor skills and hearing. The services aim to improve studentsˇ¦ communication and social skills and to facilitate their learning effectiveness and enjoyment of school life.

In-school physiotherapists provide therapeutic exercises for students at The John F Kennedy Centre. With physiotherapy exercises, students are able to improve their functional abilities and participation at school.? They also learn more about their bodies and gain knowledge to prevent deterioration and to choose appropriate aids for themselves.

Occupational Therapists assess individual studentˇ¦s functional ability and performance levels in the area of self-maintenance, play, learning, leisure and vocational activities. We provide multi-faceted treatment and assessment, ranging from play activities and remedial games to multi-sensory therapy, hand function assessment and training, visual perceptual assessment and training, writing assessment, seating and wheelchair assessment, self-care and community living skills assessment and training, etc.





Our Boarding Service provides five-day accommodation from Sunday to Friday with 80 boarding placements. Students return home during weekends and long holidays. The reasons for providing boarding services are: living far from school, families faced with drastic changes, parents having special difficulties in caring for the children and student has transient boarding needs.