Social Work and Nursing Services

Our Social Work Services aim to enhance our studentsˇ¦ ability to function socially, to help them solve problems, as well as resolving the problems that they may encounter in their personality development due to physical limitations. The schoolˇ¦s Social Workers also bridge up parents with different professionals, as well as community agencies for the benefit of the studentˇ¦s welfare. We have two in-house social workers. Most of the services are delivered in the form of group work and individual casework counseling.





Our Nursing Department is the combination of the School Section and the Boarding Section with six nurses. We provide general Nursing Care including drug administration, wound dressing, catheterization. Whenever an emergency occurs, we provide appropriate management strategies according to the procedure of emergency protocol and will arrange for the casualties to attend A&E Department for diagnosis and further treatment. We also co-operate with The Duchess of Kent Childrenˇ¦s Hospital to provide education service to those Ventilator Assisted Students (VAS).