The school offers a full spectrum curriculum under the notion of :One Curriculum for ALL;. It extends from Primary One to Senior Secondary and Matriculation, from the general to the modified and specially tailored for the highly intellectually challenged. The Matriculation programme, which started from 2001, was mainly for students whose physical conditions are so challenged that settings in the general schools are unable to provide them with ample and equitable learning opportunities. Under the same principle, curriculum content and approaches for the Intellectual Challenged children are also designed and modified to suit individual・s aptitudes. In general, students are encouraged to learn in an age-appropriate environment rather than being in an .isolated・ and over-individualized situation. Consequently, Individualized Educational Programmes are adopted only for individuals who require multi or trans-disciplinary input in his/her learning.






Following the School motto :ミvFH; and underpinning the notion of Freedom and Service, we provide life-wide curriculum that nourishes our students to become self-responsible persons with an additional objective to serve and contribute when possible. There is therefore a wide range of life-wide curricula activities within and outside the school. We work it out with full collaboration among our trans-disciplinary staff team.